About Us

Nokentech brings a wide range of advantages from digital technology advancements to help clients accomplish their business expansion goals.

Papua Noken, Natural Knitting Rich in Meaning

Noken is a traditional Indonesian multifunctional knotted or woven bag native to the Western New Guinea region, Indonesia. Its distinctive usage, which involves being hung from the head, is traditionally used to carry various goods, and also children. Noken also was listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List as a cultural heritage of Indonesia.

One of the philosophies says Noken symbolizes a good and prosperous life. A much broader symbolization, Noken also symbolizes interrelated Relationships, and the Complexity of its manufacture, also implies Technological innovation from the benefits & uses of the Noken itself.

Similarly, Nokentech brings a wide range of advantages from digital technology advancements to help clients accomplish their business expansion goals. Partnering with the number one digital platform in the world Nokentech is at the forefront of its partner’s business progress.

Who We Are

Nokentech is your digital transformation enabler that focuses on SaaS products and has Specialization in CRM, Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, RPA, and integration platforms as a service Implementation and development. Coupled with our expertise in managing complex projects, we’re striving to be our client’s trusted advisor and provide the best-fit solution to each of Our client’s environments.

Our Vision

To pioneer the innovation to assist the industries through an excellent digital and technology support.

To humanize the digital journey of the businesses in a sustainable way.

To be The Best partner in the clients' business operations to achieve its maximum performance by delivering the best quality result.

To support the digital transformation that supports the national capacity and well being enhancement.

Our Mission

Commitment & Trust

We commit to complete our promise, obligations and deliverable in a quality manner, and to put our client’s satisfaction as our top priority. We treat our client at the center of our business operations, and to use the Integrity and Transparency in our relationship with our clients. This, in the long run, will facilitate a bond and deep relationship with our clients and our partnership will be long lasting with the mutual advantage between Nokentech and its business clients.

People and relationship as the center of our business

Our business nature is about creating connections with people, externally or internally, capturing their insights and translate them into actionable visions. We commit to increase our internal capacity by making them understand the client’s requirement and provide continues training to make them capable in delivering the quality work for our clients. We also aim to make our people, to be empathetic towards the client’s needs and translate them into actionable deliverables, with a quantifiable satisfactory milestone.

Provide an excellent solution for our clients

We operate our business in a relational based contracts, commitment, and agreement by having continues conversation with our clients while delivering the solutions for them. We will put our client’s needs, to be our priority, and continuously change our approach to ensure the journey will be having an excellent outcome of the solutions they need.

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