5 Must-Have AI Tools to Your Save Time

20 Apr 2023   Oleh Admin

“Discover the top 5 AI tools that can transform your workload from 300 hours to just a few hours. From ChatGPT’s quick and efficient information processing to copy.ai’s revolutionary copywriting capabilities, learn how these tools can help you save time and boost productivity. With the high demand for AI-powered solutions, find out how using these tools can future-proof your business and increase customer confidence for years to come.”


Copy.ai is a platform that allows you to create and manage your own chatbots. It’s a great way to automate conversations with customers, but it also has other uses, such as helping you organize your email inbox or creating personalized content for social media posts.
Copy.ai works by allowing you to use pre-built templates that have been created by Copy experts and other users in the community (or you can build your own). These templates include things like greetings, questions about what type of business they’re looking for and responses based on answers given by the user (e.g., “I’m interested in finding someone who does X”). You can then customize these templates by adding more information or changing how they respond based on different inputs from users–and once everything looks good, just hit publish!


ElevenLabs.io is an AI platform that allows you to create and deploy your own machine learning models. You can use their tools to build your own custom algorithms, or use one of their pre-built models for common tasks such as image recognition or sentiment analysis.
ElevenLabs offers a number of features that make it easy for users who have little experience with machine learning or coding to get started using the platform:

  • Easy Setup – ElevenLabs provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your data source (e.g., Google Sheets), configure your model parameters, train and test the model using their web app interface, then deploy it onto any server where there’s an internet connection available (e.g., AWS Lambda). This means no additional software installation required!


Xembly is a platform that allows you to build your own AI-powered chatbot. You can use it to create chatbots for any purpose, including customer service, content management and publishing, sales and marketing automation, HR/recruiting and more.
Xembly offers several features that make it easy for anyone (even non-developers!) to create their own chatbot:

  • It’s free! Xembly offers a free plan with limited functionality so you can try out the software before committing any money or resources into building your bot on top of it.
  • Easy setup – You don’t need any coding skills in order to get started with Xembly; just sign up for an account and add some basic information about yourself so they know where to send notifications when someone messages your bot through Facebook Messenger or another messaging app like Telegram or Skype (more on this later). Then choose between one of three templates: “Basic ChatBot”, “Advanced ChatBot” or “Progressive Web App”. These templates are basically prebuilt bots which include certain features like automatic responses based on keywords typed into messages sent by users; however if none of these options suit your needs then there’s always option B…

Genius Diagram

Genius Diagram is an AI platform that helps you create, manage and share your diagrams. It’s easy to use, with no need for coding or design skills.
Genius Diagram has a number of features:

  • Create and share diagrams with anyone using the web app or desktop app (Windows/MacOS). You can also use the mobile apps for iPhone and iPad if you’re on the go!
  • Collaborate with others in real time through Genius Cloud – our online collaboration tool that lets multiple people work together on a single document at once in real time. This makes it great for team projects where everyone needs access at once without having to download anything extra onto their computer first!

Einstein GPT by Salesforce

Einstein GPT is an AI platform that helps companies improve their sales, marketing and customer service. It does this by analyzing data from multiple sources, including CRM software, email and social media accounts, websites and other data sources.
The features of Einstein GPT include:

  • Predictive analytics to identify customers who are likely to buy or churn (leave) your business based on past behavior patterns. This can help you target the right audience with the right message at the right time so you can increase conversions and reduce churn rates.
  • Automated workflows for things like lead scoring or lead nurturing based on customer preferences or behaviors–for example if someone visits a specific page on your website then receive an email with more information about that product/service offering; if they don’t visit then don’t send them anything until they do! This saves time while also increasing engagement rates among targeted prospects which means more sales opportunities closed faster than ever before possible before now thanks in part due specifically thanks again due largely because of all those reasons listed above plus many others not yet mentioned here today but maybe later someday soon hopefully maybe even sooner than later depending how fast things move along sometimes which isn’t always easy since sometimes things move slowly but still get done eventually nonetheless despite whatever setbacks might occur along way towards achieving goal(s) set forth beforehand when planning project(s).

There are many different perspectives on AI platforms. The first is that they will have a positive impact on society, as they can help make decisions and solve problems that would otherwise be too difficult for humans to handle alone. Another perspective is that these systems are not fully developed yet and may cause more harm than good in the long run if they’re not regulated properly or used responsibly by their creators. Finally, some people believe that we should approach artificial intelligence with caution because it could potentially lead us down an unethical path where machines have more power than humans do–and this could lead us into dangerous territory where our very existence is threatened by these machines’ actions!

AI platforms are the future of business. They provide a wide range of benefits, including increased efficiency, better customer service and higher revenue. In addition to these benefits, AI platforms can also be used to improve your company’s bottom line by providing access to more data than ever before.
The best way to understand how an AI platform could benefit your business is by trying one out yourself! If you’re interested in learning more about how an AI platform might help your organization grow, contact us today!


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