Nokentech & Salesforce trained hundred of young Papuans

30 Mar 2023   Oleh Admin

PAPUA Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) in collaboration with PT Nokentech Digital Indonesia & Salesforce, Number-1 CRM Plattform held digital skills training at the PYCH building, on Thursday (23/3/2023).

CEO of PT Nokentech Digital Indonesia, Audy Nelwan said that the training which was attended by hundreds of young Papuans highlighted Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which is a combination between processes, people, and technology involved. This includes an introduction to CRM software used to manage & access customer information, as well as how companies interact with their customers.

Audy also explained that his collaboration with PYCH would also continue in the development of one of the PYCH applications called Manajemen Talenta Papua (MANTAP). “In the future, the Salesforce CRM module will be embedded in the MANTAP application,” he said.

This training event with Nokentech & Salesforce is a sign of progress moment of PYCH, in which organizations and communities outside Papua have paid close attention to the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH), opened by President Joko Widodo. Audi continues said that “This is the first activity after the opening of the Papua Youth Creative Hub and this is also the first step in realizing President Joko Widodo’s Vision to realize 9 Million Digital Talents in Indonesia.

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